Catching Fire


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From the teen novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins.

Second in a teen dystopia series where there is a nationally televised competition  every five years, with 24 teens participating and only one surviving.

I’m a teen librarian, and I’m kinda smug about having read these three books (this is the second) before they became huge bestsellers and were made into movies. I loved these books, and handed them out to anyone who would read them…until I no longer had to, because EVERYONE was reading them!

I was disappointed in the first of these movies, The Hunger Games– although they got the look right, and they did a really good job of editing, it was flat- there wasn’t much in the way of political infrastructure (a crucial part of all three books) and not much character development, either; Katniss’ interior monologes are a big part of the books, and without that, as good an actress as Jennifer Lawrence is, the movie was just not as compelling as the book.

So I did go see this, because the trailers were awesome. Didn’t have high hopes, to be honest; I just felt like a movie, and this was convenient.

And boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Jennifer Lawrence, and indeed all the cast, have really taken over their roles. The writing was MUCH better, there was a lot of character development and they really got into the politics (which, of course, is crucial to set up the third movie.) Donald Sutherland chewed scenery like a pro, which of course he is, and everyone on screen was really really good.

And the look of it was REALLY well done, bleak and awful in the different areas, bright and amazing for the celebrity shows, and beautiful but deadly outdoors scenes.

I was so pleasantly surprised, and I enjoyed it very much.

Can’t wait for Mockingjay!

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