Safety Last


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A hapless shop assistant gets further and further in trouble trying to impress the girl he loves.

This was the first movie for the New Year’s Day Videofest 2014! this year’s theme: movies that take place in the Los Angeles area with a recognizable landmark in them.

This is a silent film starring Harold Lloyd, who was one of the funniest men ever to grace the motion picture screen…and this is his most famous movie. I know this, because as soon as you read his name, the scene where he is hanging from the clock tower by the hands of the clock, many stories above ground, in imminent danger of falling, flashed into your mind. That is an iconic image from Hollywood, everyone has seen it…and this is the movie it’s from.

The clock tower was on 7th street in LA, and although it is there no longer, still met our criteria for this day of movies. And a funny one it was, with Lloyd trying harder and harder to dig himself out of the problems he was getting into through his own folly.

Short but wonderful.

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