2 Guns


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From the graphic novel of the same name by Steve Grant.

A DEA agent and a Navy guy are set up to both run afoul of the law while thinking they’re working on a case.

Spider Jerusalem and I saw the previews for this in the theaters, and didn’t manage to catch it there. But never fear! I actually had a weekend day off with nothing planned, so we had a moviefest, and this was one of our three choices…and truthfully, it was the best of the three (the other two being Lone Ranger and Elysium).

A fun romp. This is the best thing I’ve seen Denzel Washington in in years, he was funny and charming and a great action hero, given his age (why, the man is five years older than I am! how can he even be breathing?). Mark Wahlberg is always a pleasure to see in almost any role, and they worked well together.

The plot actually made sense, and was full of action, good lines and had a satisfying ending.

Well done and worth seeing, says the Otter.

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