Kick-Ass 2


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From the graphic novel of the same name by Mark Waid.

Spider Jerusalem and I were having movie night, and it was his turn to pick both the movie and the food. This was his choice.

He showed me the first Kick-Ass movie, which I liked. Which got me to read the comic. Then I read this comic, but I totally forgot the details of the plot in the intervening year until this came out.

So I had to re-read it before reviewing this movie.

This is a direct sequel to the first movie, with only days or a month passing between the two. And it was good- all the actors were good, and since Nicholas Cage’s character died, thankfully, in the last movie, we didn’t have that awfulness to contend with…I was a bit nonplussed to see Jim Carrey’s name in the credits, but he was actually very good, and stuck to the script. I’ve always said he’s a good actor whenever he can stop being Jim Carrey, and that was the case here.

But…I was kind of surprised. The thing I did remember, from reading this book, was that it was REALLY dark. I mean, sure, in the movie, some bad stuff happens, and people die…but in the book, it was pretty horrific, what happens to everyone, good and bad, and they don’t just scare Kick-Ass’s girlfriend, if you catch my drift. The ending of the book is dark and pretty hopeless, whereas in the movie, it’s more of a serious romp and now we’re going back to our lives.

Hm. I mean, it was a good movie, well done, and the characters are great. And the ending is way easier to handle than the book’s…on the other hand, I think when they were making the movie, they thought that this was the end…but no. Waid has written a prequel to Kick-Ass 2 (Hit Girl) and word is that there are two more books to come (collections of comics series, that is; the comics are probably already out.)

So we’ll see how the movie franchise handles this; I wouldn’t be surprised if they say, ENOUGH! and stop while they’re ahead.

Because Waid is a good writer and plotter…but happy endings? he kind of doesn’t do them.

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