The Heat


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An FBI agent has to work with a Boston street cop. Of course it all works out.

Spider Jerusalem and I saw the previews for this, and thought it looked amusing, but we never managed to catch it in the theaters. Then it was SJ’s turn to supply the movie and dinner on one of our Wednesday movie nights…and he borrowed this from his work-wife.

Sandra Bullock is dumb as a stump, but looks good and can act pretty well. At least she understands the words she’s saying, unlike Alicia Silverstone trying to do Shakespeare…and she was perfect for the part of the work-obsessed perfectionist FBI agent-on-the-way-up who is horrified by Melissa McCarthy, who is earthy and loudmouthed and has actual relationships with people and knows her territory and how to get things done there.

This was actually pretty good. The two women were very good and believeable in their roles; it was obvious from the get-go what was going to happen, but it was fun to watch it play out, and McCarthy was a joy, what a great comedian. Her timing and delivery of her lines really made this work.

Not awesome, but certainly fun and worth watching.

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