CSA: The Confederate States of America


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A look at what might have happened had the Confederate side won the American Civil War.

Often, in the evenings, Mr. Otter and I ensconce on our big couch, Frank, and he will watch something that I’m uninterested in, and I’ll read, sew or play computer games, just to hang out together.

On one of these nights, he started watching this…and I got totally sucked into it. Not only for what it was, but at the beginning I kept making him pause it and summon his avatar, Historian-on-a-Stick, to tell me what he thought of the alternate history, which was at least as entertaining as this movie.

This was interesting, for a consciousness-raising movie. The changes in ‘what we know’ were well thought out, and the ramifications made sense. The writing (the director was also the writer, and it was produced by Spike Lee) was good, and it really did look like a History Channel or A&E special, complete with commercials that went along with the theme of the show.

My favorite part was where Jefferson Davis (now president of the whole country) made the Northerners who were holding out and refusing to own slaves give in by lowering taxes for anyone who owned slaves! LOL, that would indeed work in many cases, well thought out.

And at the end, there is a section talking about why this movie was made and real-life examples of racist ads, laws and statements from the early 1800s up to modern times, that underscored the point the movie was making.

A good and interesting effort, well done and very watchable.

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