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A man who doesn’t have much fun in life is adopted by two ghosts who change his attitude.

I loved the Topper books as a teen, and read them over and over. So when my book and movie group picked this one, I was really happy to reread it, and to finally see the movie.

The book was really well written, although not as funny as I remembered (but I was probably thinking of Topper Takes a Trip, which I remember as one of the funniest books ever.) The book really didn’t get going til the last part, when the other rambunctious ghost couple shows up, but it was fun to read even during the buildup.

The movie was fun too- Cary Grant and Constance Bennet are the ghosts, and thanks to some judicious rewriting, the movie is exciting and funny all the way through. The ghosts get Topper into awful situations that he has to talk (or bluff) his way out of, thereby giving him relief from the boredom of his life.

Worth seeing (but anything with Cary Grant in it is worth seeing, is it not?) and fun to watch.

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