5 Children and It


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From the book of the same name by E. Nesbit

I was and am such a huge fan of Edith Nesbit’s children’s books. They are all about Edwardian (or later, up to the 20s) children, usually on their own without parental supervision, and usually involve magic. The kids are all great, totally believeable in both good and bad actions, and the writing is funny and wonderful.

I had had this on my netflix list forever- it’s arguably Nesbit’s best known book, about a family of children who discover a Psammead, a Sand-fairy who grumpily grants wishes that fade at sunset, and hijinks ensue.

I needed a good movie for the red cross (2 1/2 hours with needles in my arms) and brought this and a tv series to watch (this is only 90 minutes) and settled down happily.

Kenneth Branagh stars as the absentminded great-uncle, and Eddie Izzard voices the Psammead. It’s mostly silly fun, which seems sillier in a movie than in a book…truthfully, I haven’t read it in a couple of decades, so am not sure how well they kept to the plot, strictly speaking…but the spirit was fine. The Psammead was funny and grumpy but eventually came around, the parents came back (from WWI danger) and the children were written very well, squabbling among themselves but sticking up for each other to the grownups and going out on a limb to help each other and get the job done.

Pretty good! but now I’m going to reread it, we’ll see how that goes…

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