Broadway Melody of 1938


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Another in the series of Broadway Melody movies, which just get less and less interesting as they went on…I had seriously forgotten the whole plot of this one and had to look it up to remember it…

Well, okay. It’s a 30s Broadway Melody musical, you know what that means. Someone wants to put on a show, there isn’t enough money, they come up with it and the show goes on, usually with an ingenue taking the town by storm and much silly singing and dancing.

This was no exception; there is a horse race (and a horse) and fun is had by all. A very young Buddy Ebsen (the year before Wizard of Oz) and a youngish Judy Garland are in the cast as well.

For die-hard musical lovers. (oooh, Die Hard: the Musical! I’d pay to see that!)

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