A Million Ways to Die in the West


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Sheep farmer falls in love with an outlaw’s wife. Shenanigans!

I have to admit, I’m kind of a sucker for movie trailers. I know they have refined them to the point that almost everyone likes the look of almost any movie trailer; they tailor them to get the maximum reaction from their target audience.

And I really hate mean, stupid humor. I don’t mind potty jokes if they’re funny, but many movies don’t understand that crudity is only funny in the right context. It’s like using swear words, the words themselves are not funny, it’s how they’re used.

So I saw the trailer for this movie, and laughed, and thought it looked funny. Then I remembered how many times I had seen comedy movies that I thought would be funny and turned out not to be. But on the OTHER hand, I had heard Seth McFarlane on Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me…and he was REALLY funny. On the other hand, almost everyone sounds good there, even Republican politicians. I mean, Mitt Romney was funny and charming when he was a guest, so if he can do it, I guess anyone can.

But I had an afternoon where I was stuck downtown while my truck was being worked on, so after having a lovely Indian buffet lunch with a good friend, I got her to drop me at the movie theater; I figured I’d see either this or Maleficent, whichever started first…and this movie won.

And I was pleasantly surprised…because I chuckled all the way through it and laughed out loud a few times.

I mean, sure, there are poopoo jokes, and a few of them fell kind of flat, in my opinion…but there was wit, and good comedic timing, and good acting, and a good script. Neal Patrick Harris plays the rival for the girl’s affection (and the Mustache Song, with accompanying dance, was one of the high points of the movie, in my opinion. That was FUNNY.) with panache and style. Liam Neeson is the evil outlaw, and he chews scenery with the best of them. Charlize Theron is the love interest, and is also very good. And the rest of the cast likewise.

There are some very funny bits, a few hilarious non-sequiturs, and Seth McFarlane is not annoying or overbearing or dislikeable…he’s kind of a regular nerdy guy in a difficult situation who is doing  the best he can, and McFarlane plays that to the hilt.

I really liked it…it would be fine at home as well as the theater, I think, so why don’t you run out and rent it and let me know what you think?

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