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A French princess falls in love with a tailor, with much singing and dancing happening along the way.

Mr. Otter and I were visiting GATADD, and talk (as it often does) turned toward movies. For some reason that neither I nor Mr. Otter can remember, we started talking about this one, and Mr. Otter said he had always wanted to know the words that the soldiers sing during the “Isn’t It Romantic?” montage. I went looking on the interwebs, and by golly, a lot of other people want to know that too, but nobody had figured it out…we even played that clip on youtube, but the sound is not good, and it’s a choral number and it is almost impossible to figure out more than a few words.

Then Mr. Otter and GATADD found out that I had never seen this movie…and they were shocked! Horrified! Couldn’t believe it! but no, I had not.

So a week later, Mr. Otter came home with a used copy that he had bought, and we watched it.

And…well. Jeannette (Serious Honey) is wonderful. I’m not a big fan of Maurice Chevalier, even in his younger days (this movie was made in 1932). Just doesn’t do a thing for me.

The plot is silly- he’s a tailor who ends up at a chateau and is pretending to be an aristocrat (because someone mistakes him for one and to get closer to Jeannette) and then at the end he has to confess, but of course she still loves him.

It was okay. Silly, some good songs, beautiful costumes, much eyebrow raising from Mr. Chevalier. Not one of the best musicals ever (sorry, Mr. Otter and GATADD) but it was okay, glad I saw it.

Still couldn’t make out those lyrics, though.

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