How To Train Your Dragon 2


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From the series of children’s books by Cressida Cowell

Mr. Otter and I loved How To Train Your Dragon– Toothless the Dragon reminded us of our cat Jack, and the movie was charming.

So on July 4, I was in Lansing, Michigan, at a motel, and I managed to catch my daughter, Maid-of-Awesome, on Skype.

She said she and her husband had just gone to see it, and really liked it. There’s some benji-peril, she said, because she knows I hate that, and there’s one thing that happens that actually made me sniffle. But it’s good.

Well, there we were in Lansing, Michigan and this movie was still playing at the local theater, so I went to a late show and saw it…and she was right, it’s good.

The kids in it are older (it’s five years later) so it’s more teenager-friendly, and the plot point that made her go Huh? kinda made sense to me, because she had warned me about it, but overall it was great. Beautiful animation, good character development, amazing dragons, good plotting, and they were brave enough to do something bad to a major character, which made the movie that much stronger. Very good!

If you liked the first one, you’ll like this. A worthy sequel.

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