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Based on the graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette.

The world is frozen due to a mistaken ‘cure’ for global warming, and the only people left alive are on a huge supertrain that travels all around the earth once a year.

Mr. Otter and I were in Durham, North Carolina, and wanted to go out and do something that evening, and this movie had an awesome trailer and good word of mouth. After finding that A) most restaurants in Durham (at least the ones we tried) are closed Monday night, B) our Garmin was not real good at finding her way (or ours) around downtown Durham and C) that Pizzeria Toro is not only right by the theater where this movie was playing, and open, but had AMAZING food and excellent beer, we sauntered happily to the theater.

It’s a small college theater with two screens, where they alternate new releases with older classics. The staff were great, the theater was good, and we had a wonderful time.

Because this was a REALLY good movie. It was kind of, Cloud Atlas meets Animal Farm; it had the beautiful haunting otherworldliness of the middle stories of Cloud Atlas, and the dynamics of Animal Farm. Ruthless and inevitable, people are just going to do things like that to each other if they are allowed to.

This is beautifully written, suspenseful, has some really good actors, great special effects, good plot twists and a pretty satisfying ending.

Both Mr. Otter and I thought it was a winner! Thank you, Durham, NC!


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