Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine


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Dr. Goldfoot has a nefarious plan to create beautiful, gold-bikini-clad robots that will kill key military figures so that he can take over the world!

We were staying with Craiggers in Austin, TX, and we all love silly movies…but little did we know that bikini movies (usually beach movies) are a favorite genre of his. He had bought a two-disc set of these, but none of us had seen them, so we took the plunge.

And this one was fun. Self-consciously slapstick, wow-we-are-so-silly-everybody-come-see-us-being-silly 60s humor, but hey, Vincent Price was in most of it, right there that redeems a lot of stupid jokes. Frankie Avalon was the hero-guy, and there were some cameos by then-famous people (Mr. Otter recognized Annette Funicello and Craiggers recognized someone from a series of wacky biker flicks).

The plot is ridiculous, but one would expect nothing less. This was cute, light fun and we all enjoyed it.

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