Guardians of the Galaxy


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Oh, you know, the universe is about to be destroyed and it’s up to a wacky band of misfits to learn to work together and stop the bad guys.

This is yet another in the brilliantly integrated set of Marvel movies based on their comics series that all tie in together; the ultimate big bad in this is the same guy we saw at the end of the Avengers movie, so obviously this group is being groomed to at least show up in the next Avengers movie, and maybe vice versa.

Having said that, this stands on its own very nicely.

Mr. Otter and I were traveling, and let our friend Craiggers in Austin TX know that we were coming to town (he expected us but didn’t know the exact date til we got close enough to pin it down.)

What do you guys want to do while you’re here? Craiggers asked.

Well, I said, this movie is opening that weekend, want to go together?

Oh hells yes, he said, or whatever the equivalent is in Craigspeak. And so we did.

And he knew a theater that has good screen size and sound, but that would not be crowded, so we had rockstar seating, and enjoyed this movie very much.

The wacky misfit alien superheros (the usual group- a thief/charming rogue, the standoffish girl who only wants to save her people, a guy bent on revenge, and two cute nonhuman types, one of whom is a bounty hunter) are all given good character development; the writing is good, the plot holds together, the characters (at least on first watching) never do anything that doesn’t make sense for that character, and the special effects are awesome.

There are a lot of really good funny parts, and some near-sniffly bits. This totally lived up to its hype and the awesomeness of the trailer, and I am hoping the next one (because you KNOW there’ll be a sequel) is as good. See and enjoy, says the Otter.

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