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Another ‘loop’ movie, like Groundhog Day, where someone is stuck reliving the same day over and over and over.

Spider Jerusalem is fascinated by my professed refusal to see ‘oogie’ movies, mostly meaning those with TTBFTD (Things Coming Back From The Dead.) No ghosts, spirits, revenants, hauntings or anything like that for me, I’m out the door so fast you can see the lines in the air. Sure, I’m fine with zombies and most vampire movies, they have RULES. I am also fine with the second Evil Dead movie and Army of Darkness, but I wouldn’t see the first Evil Dead movie again, even with a low budget and homemade special effects, it was too oogie for me.

So SJ, who loves anything paranormal or scary, keeps trying to find a movie that’s too oogie for me. Cabin in the Woods? nope, it was great, especially the elevator scene. 28 Days Later? No, that was great, even though it isn’t really zombies. John Dies at the End? pretty darn good, and really funny. Also more coherent than the book.

So it was his turn to pick a movie (Mr. Otter, SJ and I get together to have dinner and watch stuff a couple of times a week) and he said, this is a teen movie, even though it’s a ghost story, so it shouldn’t be oogie. Well, I said, if it is, I’ll just go and you guys can finish watching it without me.

And…it wasn’t oogie. It skirted the fringes of oogieness, but never quite got there.

The girl in the movie is smart and resourceful; when she finds herself in a wierd and awful situation (living through the same day over and over with her family) she does a good job of trying to figure out what’s going on, and taking care of business.

This is well written, and, for an obviously low-budget indie movie, well made.

But not oogie. Sorry, SJ!

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