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An actor who is known for a series of comic-book based action movies is trying to change his image by starring in a theater adaptation of a Raymond Carver short story.

Spider Jerusalem and I went to see this, thinking it would be a comedy and kind of an action movie…and we were pleasantly surprised, even though it was nothing like our expectations.

Michael Keaton is great, as the driven actor who is determined to prove that there is more to him than his superhero alter ego, which is what he is famous for. The movie pretty much takes place over one night, the opening night of the play, and was filmed in ten minute takes that were edited together to present a seamless picture of the few hours on each side of the opening; the viewer sees last rehearsals, hissy fits, nerves, disasters, fights, backstage cast and Michael Keaton, the epicenter of the hurricane, playing a wonderful role, a man who has a vision and is determined to see it fulfilled…and…what exactly was going on in his series of action movies when he played The Birdman?

This is a smart, fast moving and wonderful movie, full of surprises and good acting, and is very worth seeing, whether on the big screen or at home.

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