The Italian Job (2003)

italian job

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A caper flick, a remake of the movie of the same name from 1969.

And…’remake’ is not the right word, since the only two things these movies have in common is the name, and the fact that Mini Cooper automobiles play a major role in each heist.

This was a pretty good caper flick; sure, there was no Michael Caine, Serious Honey, but Mark Wahlberg is not a bad substitute; he’s a good actor, easy on the eye, and was fun to watch. Same for Charlize Theron, who is always good.

The caper was fun to watch, and played out well, intricate but not too hard to follow. The script was good, with actual character development and good repartee, and I don’t remember anything that made me ‘facepalm at the stupid’, as we say Chez Otter…nothing really idiotic that destroyed my suspension of disbelief.

Worth seeing for a fun evening of movies; not deep, but fast moving and amusing.

But for Michael Caine and a REALLY good caper flick…go with the original. Trust the Otter.

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