The Theory of Everything


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From the book of the same name by Jane Hawking.

Stephen Hawking’s life to date.

Mr. Otter was really, really wanting to see this movie. I had been to a LOT of movies in the theater, and was perfectly happy to wait for this to stream, but he wanted to see it. So okay, I’m glad to go to almost any movie almost any time.

And…this was okay.

I mean, it’s a biopic about living people, so the writers are going to be very careful about what they say. Plus, if you’ll notice, the book that this movie is based on was written by Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s first wife, so in addition to being about living people, it’s her take on the events…and both these things are evident from the story.

Aside from his sometimes confrontational and obnoxious personality, everyone in this movie is presented in a very positive way. Their relationship is whitewashed, their divorce is very low-key and friendly, and nothing is said of Hawking’s second marriage in this film, although Jane’s relationship to the man she married after the divorce is a part of the movie.

Eddie Redmayne plays Hawking, and he was damn good; his acting was the best thing in the movie.

I’m not a fan of biopics, especially of living subjects, since time and perspective are really needed to make a good story, but this wasn’t bad.

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