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The Avengers are back (minus Iron Man’s lady friend, Pepper Potts…I guess Gwyneth Paltrow had other fish to fry…) and are about to save the world again!

So yes, this is a sequel to The Avengers…but it is also a followup to the Agents of SHIELD TV series (which I am only now getting to) and to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel has really done an amazing job with integrating movies and tv shows, and making them all sequential…I really like this, and think it’s mostly value-added.

The only problem with it is the thing I ran into in this movie; I had seen Winter Soldier but not the TV series, and I didn’t have background for a lot of stuff that happens. Yes, it’s all explained somewhat, but there’s a lot that happens that you just have to assume there’s a reason for.

This was also true in the first Avenger’s movie, but in that one, most of what was assumed was that you knew the back-story of the characters and where they came from, not stuff that had happened to them recently. In this movie, I found myself wondering where some of the characters had come from, and why everyone was doing what they did, all of which was a direct follow-up to the Agents of SHIELD series.

And in general, this movie suffered from second-movie-itis- this group had already saved the world once, I knew they’d do it again, and wasn’t too worried about the fallout. The best part of the first movie was the interpersonal banter/snarling/one-upsmanship/relationship-building that went on, and this time, there was not so much of that. The scene where they all ended up at Hawkeye’s house with his wife and kids (why on earth would he take them there and endanger his family???) was nice, but it had obviously been put there for warm fuzzies, not because it really advanced the plot.

I don’t think Joss Whedon is slipping; this movie was still well written and directed…but there wasn’t much there there. I’m actually hoping (and I haven’t looked to see) that there won’t be a third Avengers movie; there’s just not much left for them to do, really.

This was okay, but nothing like as good as the first one…rent or stream it for free if you can, but don’t expect too much.

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