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Um…some wierd mishmosh about time travel, George Clooney and a future that looks like the Jetsons?

Okay, really: George Clooney as a teen goes to the 1964 World’s Fair (and does not run into the young Otter, although I was there…!) and meets a beautiful teen girl who shows him an amazing future that does not come to pass…he grows up disillusioned but handsome, into the George Clooney we all know and drool over. A current teen girl gets the same kind of glimpse, and they run around trying to make this future happen and foil the bad guys. And they eventually do, of course.

I saw this several months ago, and had completely forgotten the plot EXCEPT that the ending was so completely stupid and unbelieveable, even after a whole movie of really bad pseudoscience, that I was facepalming like crazy.

This is another of Disney’s attempts to make movies based on their theme parks. One was good. One was bad. Now they are in ‘why are you even trying this again’ territory…and if they make a Country Bears Jamboree movie, I am NOT going to go see it. OH MY GOD NO, THEY ALREADY DID!!!

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