Taken 3


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Liam Neeson has to kick ass and take names yet again.

I was at the Red Cross doing apheresis, and, anomalously enough, I had not brought a movie with me. I went through their many cabinets of dvds, and this was the only thing I saw that I hadn’t seen and that looked remotely interesting.

And…well, it was. Remotely interesting. Neeson is always fun to watch, and there was a lot of action, and Forest Whitaker is good…but really, it’s the second sequel to a movie that needed no sequels. You know all the way through that he’s going to find out who killed his ex-wife and framed him for it, and his buddies will be there to help him, and he and his daughter will be together at the end.

So sure, a full measure of brainless action, lots of witty taglines and butt-kicking, not so much on compelling plotline.

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