Present Laughter (1981)


Internet Movie Database

A farce about an aging actor, his estranged wife, an obsessed young actress, his manager, his producer, and his producer’s wife, who all swirl in and out of his apartment during the course of a couple of days.

We were visiting friends in Oregon with whom we like to watch movies, and they picked this one to show us; I’ve had this DVD collection on my ‘maybe’ list for Mr. Otter for years, so it was nice seeing something from it (and borrowing the set to watch more!)

This one was very funny (not surprisingly, since Noel Coward wrote it) and although the look of the play was dated, having been made thirty years ago, the content was fresh and great to watch. I’m not a huge fan of farce, it gets old pretty fast unless extremely well timed, and this was right on the money; the gags and misunderstandings built on each other very well, and the payoff at the end was good.

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