To Catch A Thief


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From the novel of the same name by David Dodge

Cary Grant is a reformed jewel thief living the high life on the French Riviera…but when a series of thefts occur at the hotel where he is staying, of course he is suspected of going back to his old ways, and he must catch the new thief to prove his innocence.

Wow, this was great. I was at the Red Cross doing apheresis, and wanted something good that wouldn’t be emotional (needles in both arms, I don’t dare watch anything sad!) and this was perfect.

Cary Grant is suave and amusing, the perfect urbane man-about-town-with-a-hidden-past. Grace Kelly is beautiful but also has a personality, and they work well together. And I didn’t realize it til I was watching the credits, but this is a Hitchcock movie! no wonder it was so good.

Yes, you know all the time that it can’t be Cary Grant, and that the new thief will be caught in the end, but it’s fun not only getting there, but seeing who it is.

A fun caper movie, good script and actors, a wonderful way to spend the evening!

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