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The seventh in the movie franchise. Good guys, bad guys, droids, some witty dialogue, some plot holes, you know.

There are SPOILERS in this review. You probably know them already, but just in case, I’ll move down the page a bit so you don’t see anything you shouldn’t…






Is this far enough? maybe not…





Okay, that’s it, here we go…

So this was probably the most hyped, talked about, and anticipated movie of 2015. It came out mid-December, but December is always a whirl of gaiety and obligations chez Otter, and as much as we wanted to see it, we just never got to the theater. And of course New Year’s Weekend was packed, what with the videofest and all. And the next weekend…we left for our xmas present to each other, a train trip to the Grand Canyon.

So we just didn’t have any time to go see it, although pretty much everyone else we knew had done so, and had given us various opinions (extremely various, from WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP! to Not bad… to AWESOME!) about it…although nobody let the big spoiler slip, for which we were grateful. Anyway. On our way to Arizona, we spent the night in Barstow.

For those of you who are not familiar with this town, it’s in the butt end of nowhere, the middle of the desert where three freeways come together. There is nothing there and nothing to do.

Except they do have movie theaters, one of which was very close to our motel. So that night we hied ourselves over, were pleased to find out that not only did Mr. Otter get the senior discount (he’s used to this) but I did as well (I am not so used to this, but am willing to learn to enjoy it.) So we saw it for six bucks apiece, which made us happy. And the coffee was decent, which made Mr. Otter happy. And the movie was pretty good, which made us both happy.

Yes, all the plotlines are familiar…mysterious messages, looking for a hidden jedi, the whole ‘we have to drop a bomb on this big space station before it blows up our planet thing.’ There was the alien bar, and the possible love interest (although we know how that turned out in the first three movies) and the running, jumping, flying and exploding.

Having said and agreed with all that, I was pleasantly surprised. On the one hand, Lucas tried to make the plot go in all kinds of new directions in the ‘first three’ movies (Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith) and <irony>we all know how well that turned out…</irony>

So I’m sure that when this was being written, in order to avoid all the pitfalls of actually trying something new and having it backfire, they said, let’s just stick with what works because WE KNOW IT WORKS…and they basically rehashed the three original movies. And it was pretty successful.

The characters were good. I liked the ‘rolling ball’ R2D2, very nice f/x there. I liked having one of the characters be an ex-Stormtrooper, and the actor was good, as was the lead girl who got to kick butt very nicely. Of course everyone from the original movies was there, and all looking pretty damn good forty years later. And (here’s the spoiler) I liked that they killed off Han Solo; if only the Star Trek franchise had been willing to carry through and kill Kirk in the last Star Trek reboot movie, it would not only have been a much better movie but it would have left the series go in its own direction. Which, hopefully, the next couple of Star Wars movies will do.

I did get annoyed at the ‘The bomb will go off in two minutes!” announcement, following which the main characters took at least 15 minutes to get out of the way, and Chewbacca, even though he was at ground zero for the detonation, came through just fine. Sigh.

But minor quibbles aside, it was pretty, fast moving, funny, there were good characters, and the plot was fine. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the next one…one can only do the same plot threads so many times before people get completely fed up with it…

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