Key Largo

key largo

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A traveler arrives at a small hotel in the Florida Keys only to find out that it’s been taken over by gangsters.

Bogie and Bacall, together again. This is one of the four movies they starred in together, if one does not count a brief comic cameo in the film Two Guys from Milwaukee.

I have been listening to Karina Longworth’s amazingly good podcast series on Hollywood’s first hundred years, You Must Remember This, and she did an episode about Bacall, who was married to Bogie for fourteen years, and spent 57 years without him. Then, the next time I was at the Red Cross doing apheresis, I saw this and watched it again for the first time in maybe 20 years…certainly, I had not reviewed it before, so that’s at least 14.

And it holds up very well. Bogie has come to a small hotel in the Keys to talk to Lionel Barrymore and Bacall about their son/husband, who was under Bogie’s command in WWII, and inadvertantly puts himself in a hostage situation; Edward G. Robinson and his gang have taken over the hotel until they can escape on a boat to Cuba, which is coming that night. There is a lot of angst and action, and of course Bogie takes care of business.

I couldn’t help comparing this film to The Petrified Forest, Bogie’s breakout role; there are differences, and this is waaay less intellectual, but it’s still the man vs. villain plot that leads to admirable actions on the part of the guy caught in the bad situation.

This is good, well written and moves well; Bogie and Bacall shoot sparks every time they look at each other, and the ending is edge-of-your-seat, although we all know that Bogie as the good guy is likely to win.

Watch it again and enjoy!

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