Knives Out

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Another in a long list of ‘everyone who is famous that we can get for this movie is in it’ movies.

Rich author (there’s an onymoron) Harlow Thrombey is dead and there are many suspects, red herrings, lies, misleading clues, and The Will, which cuts out most of his family and makes them all want to kill him.

This was one of those movies that everyone who saw it raved about; Mr. Otter and I went to it, and, well, it was amusing.

The writer did a good job in the ‘amusing Agatha Christie’ style; all the characters were over-the-top, the plot twists kept coming, there were no glaring plot holes, and the ending worked well. Jamie Lee (Serious Honey) Curtis was great, and Daniel Craig as the inspector totally stole the show every time the camera was on him.

But…it was purposely cute, and relentlessly funny. It was like a comic onstage who knew he had to keep topping his last joke and was determined to do so.

Not a bad movie for a night with nothing else to do, but it just didn’t work as well for me as it seemed to for pretty much everyone else I know.

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