Cutter’s Way

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From the novel Cutter and Bone by Newton Thornburg

A drifter moves in with old friends, sees a murder, and they realize that they will have to accuse the richest man in town of the crime.

It was Saturday Zoom Movie Night chez Otter, and this one was the pick of CoyoteRambles, who loves noir films; I’m happy to watch them once in a while, although it’s not my favorite film genre…indeed, mysteries in general are my least favorite book or movie genre, waay down there below even westerns and romance. But I am always open to trying something outside my comfort zone.

This was okay. The basic story is pretty straightforward, given the usual twists and turns and blackmail and the finale having to either be a big shocking reveal, or their realization that the bad guy will get away with it (those are pretty much the only choices in noir!).

The better part of this movie is the relationships between the characters, as well as the characterizations themselves. Everyone is connected, most of them are unhappy for reasons that have to do with others in the group, and all of their relationships change over the course of the movie.

Jeff Bridges is good, as always, and easy on the eye, ditto.

Worth watching if you want a decent mystery/thriller with good characters.

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