The Addams Family (2019)

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The Addams Family is on a collision course with a reality show host who is trying to keep her town (near the Addams family home) perfect and neat and clean and homogenous. Shenanigans!

The thing I love about the Addams Family, in any incarnation (the original books of cartoons by Charles Addams, which I grew up reading; the extremely silly television show from the 1960s; the Sonnenfeld movie from 1991; and this version) is what a great family they are and how much they all care about each other. I still remember how happy the 1991 version made me…at that point, I would gladly have traded my family for them!

In this version, Gomez and Morticia are run out of their home by a mob, and vow to go live somewhree away from the ordinary humans who persecute them; they buy a haunted house near a swamp and set up there. 13 years later, they have two kids and Pugsley is practicing for his coming-of-age celebration.

Then the part of the swamp between the picture-perfect town of Assimilation and their house is drained, the mists go away, and the townspeople (especially the reality show star Margaux, who is Big Brothering the town to keep it perfect) are on a collision course with the Addamses.

I love anything Addams, so I rented this one night when Mr. Otter and I were looking for something different to watch; we didn’t have high expectations, but we both thought it was excellent. The writing is witty, the plot is good, and all the things that one hopes for (humor, especially riffing on the original cartoons; the culture shock when ‘normal’ people and the Addams clan collide; wonderful caring family togetherness) were all there.

This was a fun movie, highly recommended by The Otter!

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