The Cat From Outer Space

Internet Movie Database Movie Reviews

Um, it’s about a cat. From outer space. What did you think?

Seriously, this is basically E.T. but not as annoying. It’s a cheesy 70s movie with an adorable kitty who is trying to get back to his alien planet with the help of kids and a couple of helpful adults, and of course the US Army and Air Force are trying to stop it. Oh, and the cat has a collar that lets it communicate with humans. Typical Disney fluff from the late 70s.

Speaking of that time period, the cast list reads like a Who’s Who of 70s second-tier-but-fun-to-watch actors: Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, Harry Morgan, Roddy McDowell, McLean Stevenson, and Hans Conreid.

Not a great movie, but it had moments.

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