Ziegfeld Follies

Internet Movie Database Movie Reviews

William Powell plays Flo Ziegfeld, up in Heaven, thinking about the perfect show that he would put on if he were still on Earth.

I’m not joking. That’s what this whole movie is. The acts that Powell/Ziegfeld dreams of having perform in his theater while he looks down from Heaven and does introductions/commentary.

This movie is, of course, purely a vehicle for whatever Warner Brothers stars were available (or forced to perform, since it was the bad old days when they were under contract to the studio and had to do what they were told. It’s not a bad list- Lucille Ball (singing a serious song as a beautiful Ziegfeld Girl instead of the wacky funny woman we all know her as nowadays), Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and many more very talented people.

Pretty good for what it is, definitely a period piece.

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