The Story of Dr. Wassell

Internet Movie Database Movie Reviews

From the book of the same name by James Hilton, although IMDB just gives him a ‘story by’ credit…

Dr. Wassell stays behind in Java when the US forces withdraw ahead of the Japanese invasion, and shepherds twelve wounded servicemen to safety.

This was one of the Saturday Zoom Movie picks; it was Mr. Otter’s turn, and he, CoyoteRambles and I watched it together with Zoom running and discussed it afterwards.

Aaaaand…that was a few months ago (I’m a little behind on my reviews) and I literally cannot remember a thing about this movie. Not a blessed thing. I read the plot outline in three different places (none of which had a synopsis, because that would have taken too much time and energy for someone to add) and I remember NONE OF IT.

Not my memory, folks. I think this one is that forgettable…but because of that, I’m not giving it any of my usual ratings.

Watch it if you like Gary Cooper or WWII stuff, or both.

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