Hotel Transylvania


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Dracula’s wife was killed by an angry mob of villagers, leaving him to raise their daughter on his own. He went deep into the mountains and opened a hotel for non-human creatures, so that they would have a safe place to visit. Now, of course, his daughter is a teenager and wants to go out in the world that he is trying to protect her from.

Mr. Otter and I were visiting his wonderful family in Minnesota, and Science Teacher suggested that we watch this with some of the younger cousins; it was a whole lot of fun.

This is pretty predictable- you can call the plot points before they happen, and the ending is telegraphed way in advance. But it’s smart and funny, the dynamics of the hotel and the creatures both running it and visiting it are good, and the personalities of the main characters are funny and charming. And of course the animation is excellent.

This was a fun, feel-good movie, worth an evening’s investment of time. Enjoy!

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