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Tarantino and Rodriguez: Hey everyone! remember those really awful movies from the 50s that we all used to watch in the drive-ins? Back when you got a double feature and some really awful trailers in between? Heck, WE can do THAT!

And so they did. This is Tarantino and Rodriguez just clowning around and having a good time, mocking those awful old “exploitation” movies that were churned out for theaters that specialized in that sort of thing.

And you have to watch it on Blu-Ray…because it’s not available on regular DVD.

What? you say. Not possible! you say. I can get those movies on DVD! you say.

And yes, you can. So let Auntie Otter tell you a story.

Back in 2007, when these two movies were released with the fake trailers as a set and shown all together, I was really busy. And really broke. And I never made it to the theater to see this three hour epic. The Barracuda and the Dog Master did, and told me to go, that I’d like them…but I didn’t.

Ah well, I thought, I’ll catch them on DVD.


Tarantino’s movie, Death Proof, came out on DVD.

Rodriguez’ movie, Planet Terror, came out on DVD.

But they never released the whole thing as it was shown in the theater…until it came out on Blu-Ray.

And how was it, after waiting that long?

Damn good, thank you.

Rodriguez’ movie, Planet Terror, is a stupid zombie flick, with lots of blood and silliness. Tarantino’s is a movie about a wacko who likes to take women for rides in his car and kill them by driving like a maniac (he has racecar seatbelts on his side; they don’t.) Both are fun, and while perfect parodic examples of this style of movie, still rise above it.

The trailers between the movies are hilarious, and are so good that at least two of them (Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun) are being made into movies; I heard a rumor that Werewolf Women of the SS might be as well.

The only thing that was slightly annoying in this is Tarantino trying to show how he knows how women talk to each other…the reality police haul everyone away for that, he hasn’t got a clue. But it’s fun to watch, and the ending of Death Proof is oh, so satisfying.

Not for the faint-hearted, these movies are rude, violent, gory, and funny. Enjoy!

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