Warm Bodies


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Not a ‘Rom-Com’…but rather a ‘Zom-Com’.

The story is told by the zombie boy, who has a rather vivid internal life, even if he’s lost all his memories from before he became a zombie. Evidently when zombies eat brains, they get some memories from the dead person…until that doesn’t work any more and they become a ‘bony’, an animated skeleton who is faster and way more vicious than the zombies.

So the boy kills, then eats the brains of, the heroine’s boyfriend, and falls for her. He rescues her and is coming back to life as he and she spend more time together.

Just in case it wasn’t obvious, her name is Julie, and all he can remember of his previous name is that it started with an R. Spider Jerusalem pointed this out.

And all turns out well. Even for the zombies.

This had moments, but there were plot holes that you could drive a Mack truck through, and neither SJ nor I found the concept that zombie-ness can be reversed to be particularly believable.

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