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A coming-of-age story set on the Arkansas rivers, when two teen boys find a mysterious drifter and end up helping him.

Mr. Otter and I were in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, in a motel. If you have ever been to Scottsbluff, you will understand that there was not much to do that night; thank goodness our motel had fast wifi, because we decided to stream a movie on my ipad.

And after looking through available choices, this was the movie of the night.

And we both really liked it. It’s not really so much about McConaughey, it’s about the boys who get involved with him, and one of them in particular; he’s in love with a teen girl who treats him badly, his parents are getting divorced, he’s probably going to have to move away from the houseboat he lives in and the river he loves, and, well, he’s growing up and life is suddenly harder than it was.

All the characters are good; they’re mostly poor Arkansas river folk but they all have interesting dimensions, there is more to them than just that. McConaughey is a treat to watch in this film; he brilliantly treads the line between kooky and creepy in a really good way, making the viewer veer between, Why are you helping him? and Of course you’re going to help him! without ever really making it clear which side is the right one; the tension in the movie is really good.

An unexpected gem, watch it and enjoy it.

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