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A group of friends have a dinner party. What could go wrong?

Well, everything, it turns out, in a weird and interesting movie about normal people reacting to a horrific situation.

This was a small independent movie that was indeed released in theaters, although I don’t recall seeing anything about it…but that was the year before I retired, and I was crazy busy, so I could easily have missed it. There is nobody in this movie I have ever heard of, which makes it all the more realistic and compelling, like the viewer really is just watching a dinner party of normal people slowly coming to pieces.

The writing is good, the scenes are tight, and although the ending is sort of open (there is an incident that ends the movie but doesn’t resolve the problem; probably nothing can) it was satisfying.

This is a good movie if you want to think and talk about it afterwards, very enjoyable.

And you’ll notice I didn’t really tell you want happens…that would be a huge spoiler. Watch it for yourself.

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