The Mummy

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A bunch of people go looking for the lost city of Hamunaptra and find a lot more than they bargained for…

This one is just a whole lot of fun, and basically has everything- lots of explodo, excellent effects, a plot that doesn’t necessarily make complete sense, but is in there trying, amusing (if not witty) dialogue, great locations, many flying body parts, you name it and it’s here.

Brendan Fraser is as cute as a puppy dog, and Rachel Weisz is adorable (just promoted to Honey Status as of 12/03). They’re great together, especially with John Hannah as the fall guy, he’s way funny.

Nope, no oogies in this one, although I almost didn’t go see it because I knew there’d be dead things walking around…but they’re not scary, they’r e more like the skeleton robots in Terminator, menacing but not frightening (at least for moviegoers).

And the scene where she’s getting drunk by the fire…and proudly proclaims herself A LIBRARIAN! Mr. Otter, Virago and I burst into applause at that point when we saw this in the theatre, all of us being of that ilk. Way amusing.

Historical nobrainer, but if you like explosions, fast moving plots, special effects, exotic locales, or seeing many people killed in various icky ways, this flick is for you!

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